Judge Roger & Adelia  Cisneros
Judge Roger & Adelia Cisneros

September 18, 2017
Resided in Denver, Colorado
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*Please note change of venue below*

Our family is filled with sorrow, grief and loss over the tragic deaths of our parents: Retired Judge Roger Cisneros who was born on January 22, 1924 and was 93 years old and his wife, Adelia (Dee) Trujillo Cisneros who was born on August 10, 1928 and was 89 years old.

They are survived by their daughters, Denise Cisneros Carter and Deborah-Andreia Alexandria-Cisneros; Denise's daughter Kristen Carter; Kristen's daughter Breanna Bowen; Andreia's son Maximus T. Nevin-Li-Alexandria-Cisneros, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, first cousins, second cousins and third cousins. They were preceded in death by their son, Melvin.

On Sunday, 9/17/17, Mom and Dad had a good day. Mom was doing better with her foot pain and Dad went to the Denver Athletic Club. Both of their daughters, Andreia and Denise, spoke with each of them that day and exchanged “I love you’s”.

On Monday, after Dad did not show up on time to pick up his grandson and phone calls were not answered, the family became very concerned. The first to arrive at the house was Kristy, where she found both her grandparents to be nonresponsive. When the police and fire department arrived, they found the house to be full of carbon monoxide.

Dad was very self-sufficient and as Mom became increasingly debilitated, Dad insisted he didn’t need household help or caregivers. He was devoted to his wife, stating “When you love someone, it’s not work.” The previous week had been busy with several doctor’s appointments. We believe with the fatigue from the week that Dad inadvertently left the car running in the closed garage. Both Mom and Dad were hard of hearing and did not hear the carbon monoxide detectors.

The family extends their gratitude to the thousands of individuals who have reached out to us. In particular, the family thanks Governor Hickenlooper, Mayor Hancock, Kenneth Salazar, Ralph and Lynn Torres, Jim Chavez - LAEF and Jordan Chavez with 9 News, who have gone above and beyond in helping our family organize and provide assistance to prepare a funeral that adequately celebrates the life and memory for both Judge Roger and Adelia Cisneros.

They will both be forever missed.

As a lasting legacy to their parents, the Cisneros Family is committed to continuing their parent’s vision for future generations. Together with LAEF, the Cisneros Family seeks to establish The Cisneros Scholarship Fund, an endowed scholarship fund that will provide in perpetuity scholarships to aspiring college students.

Contributions to the Cisneros Scholarship Fund can be made to LAEF, 561 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204. To learn more, please contact LAEF at 303-446-0541, by email to jchavez@laef.org or by visiting the website at www.laef.org.



All female children were named Marie. The name Adelia was given to her by her Godparents, Lorraine because the month has a saint name to be given a child. Trujillo was the last name of her Father.

She was born in Bonanza, CO, a mining town. Adelia's brother Joe was also born in Bonanza. She moved to Chimayo, New Mexico and has ancestral land from 1598. Her now deceased Brother Filbert were born in Chimayo. Her living Brother Eli and was born in Chimayo.

Adelia attended school at John Hysman Presbyterian School and then moved to another mining town in Leadville, Colorado. Her home was similar to a barn where another brother Sammy was born and died. Adelia's family moved to another house nearby where her sister Priscilla was born. She was so happy about having a sister.

WWII started and many male relatives came to work at Camp Hale which bordered her home. Her job was to make many sandwiches daily. Adelia started working washing dishes at Betty's Café after school daily, at the age of 12. She later became a waitress.

In 1940, she moved to Denver for a lower climate for her brother Joe's heart condition. Her brother Danny was born. Adelia missed school caring for her Mother after the birth.
Later Adelia found full-time work at a telegram service. She returned to school in the second semester at Manual High School. She worked at the May Company and took the bus home. There were not any cars.

She married Roger Cisneros in 1949 and gave birth to her son Melvin in 1950; Denise in 1952 and Andreia in 1956.

Adelia joined the Parent Teacher Association and became a President at three schools: Anna Laura Force Elementary School, Kepner Jr. High School and Lincoln High School.

She attended College at Colorado University, Metro State Colorado - (University of Denver Metropolitan College), and Greeley. She attended the University of Denver for Administrative Certification beyond her Masters Degree in Bi-lingual Education.

She was active volunteer in different organizations as well as Teaching for the Denver Public School for 17 years.

~ Parent Teacher Association President - in 3 schools
~ Southwest Community Center - President
~ Visiones
~ AARP = Local and National
~ White House Counsel on Aging
~ Latin Community
~ Latin American Educational Foundation

~ Retired Teacher from Denver Public Schools
~ Degrees in Education: BA, MA ADM. - Bilingual
~ Lobbied for Head Start, Bilingual Education in Colorado and for long Term Care for chronic illnesses in Wash. DC
~ Traveled across Country with Health Security Express 1994 and was a Health Security Express rider for comprehensive healthcare reform: Adelia attended 2 rallies a day on the way to Washington, DC and a rally on the Whitehouse Lawn with President Clinton
~ Co-Chair of the Outreach and Information Committee for the 1994 Governor’s Conference on Aging.
~ Exhibited AARP materials for National Council La Raza in Denver IN 1996
~ Get out the vote for minority community and Families of the Blind.
~ Colorado Women’s Vote Project ‘96
~ AARP National Minority Affairs Specialist 1993-1997
~ President and Legislative Committee for the Great Denver Rainbow Chapter
~ Team Leader of the Volunteer Coordination Committee for the AARP 1996 Biennial Convention in Denver
~ Advisory Council: AARP - Legal Counsel for the Elderly Money Management program contract with Seniors Inc. of Denver
~ AARP National Volunteer Leadership Council 1996-1998 (National Advisory Council)
~ AARP National Nominating Committee from 1996-1998
~ Delegate to White House Conference on Aging - May 1995 - appointed by Colorado Governor Romer
~ Frequent guest of the TV program: "McNeil-Lehrer News Hour"
~ Lobbied in Colorado and Washington, DC for Alzheimer’s and Hepatitis C
~ Volunteer at 9 News Health Fair, Su Salud Health Fair,
~ Member of Denver Managed Care Action Team for AARP - 1998
~ Member and Volunteer for Colorado Vote Project ’96 for Mi Casa
~ Lena L. Archuleta Community Service Award from the Denver Public Library - 2014
~ Adelante Mujer Conference Planning Committee 1990'S

~Speech from Adelia Cisneros accepting The Lena Archuleta Award:
"I would like to thank Consuelo Cosio from the DPL and the commissioners for selecting me to receive the Lena Archuleta Community Service Award. I’m sure there many others who deserve this but you selected me and I am grateful and honored. I want to thank my family, Honorable Roger, daughters Denise & Andreia, granddaughter Kristy, grandson Maximus, great-granddaughter Breanna. and all my other relatives and friends. Congratulations to Dr. Castillo, who wrote a beautiful poem for my Mother-In-Law for her 100 birthday who lived to be 109. I heard great things about Dr. Prado. So congratulations to you.
It’s a great honor to receive the Lena Archuleta award today since she was a dear friend who very persuasive and intelligent woman. She was born and reared in New Mexico but came to Denver to be the first Hispanic hired by the Denver Public Schools as a librarian at Kepner Jr.High School where I was the Parent Teacher Association President at that time. She lived in the Southwest area where we did. We first met her at a fund-raising breakfast for the Latin American Educational Foundation and she was asking us many questions. She soon got us involved in projects either for the teachers, school, or other organizations.
When they sold their home and moved to DESI where retired teachers were living she set up a group and asked me to give a speech and made me the President of the group. I had to go across town to do that. She set me up as the Minority Affairs Spokesperson for AARP where I attended meetings and organize groups from the Black and Native American communities. Soon I was traveling all over the country. I was traveling to Washington, DC for monthly meetings. Governor Romer sent me to represent CO at the White House Conference on the Aging in 1995."



The Honorable Roger Cisneros (Retired) and former Colorado State Senator began life as the fifth child born to parents living in the small New Mexico hamlet of Questa, New Mexico, where he attended a one room school. For this budding scholar, the one-room school was an asset rather than a liability since it provided him with the opportunity to listen and participate in third grade activities. Judge Cisneros recalls that at that time there were no electric lights, no radio and no television, no telephones. Reading was a joy to him and, as an eighth grader, he was found to have the highest IQ for his age group in the County of Taos. Educating a boy in those days was a real sacrifice for struggling farmers who could barely eke out a living from barren, lifeless land with very little irrigation, but sacrifice they did. At Menaul School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he went to High School, he earned medals both as a scholar and as a track star. Who could have known that his early struggles with the English language, herding sheep in lonely terrain, running barefoot in the sand, riding horseback for days and reading at every opportunity would prove to prepare him for his role as a distinguished attorney, able legislator, extraordinary leader and a champion of civil rights. Following is a history of his life and accomplishments:

A. DOB: January 22nd 1924.
B. Parents: Don Cisneros & Martina Martinez
C. Married Adelia Trujillo March 19th, 1949.
D. Three children, Melvin, Denise, Andreia

A. World War II veteran, 1943-1946
Served in the South Pacific Theatre as a cryptographer as a Sergeant
B. Final destination Okinawa, at time Atomic Bomb was dropped

A. High School Graduate., Menaul School, Albuquerque, New Mexico
B. Graduate with BS degree from Denver University 1950
C. Graduate from Westminster Law School., Denver, CO. 1957
D. Received Bachelor of Laws Degree from Denver University 1957
E. Received Juris Doctor from Denver University 1970
F. Admitted to Law Practice by Colorado Supreme Court in 1957
G. National Judicial College for Judges 1982 & 1988

A. Elected as committee chairman, Democratic party
C. Re-elected to COLORADO STATE SENATE in 1968
D. Re-elected to COLORADO STATE SENATE IN 1972
E. Served as Caucus chairman last 4 years of service

A. Member of Colorado and Denver bar since 1957. Served as 2nd Vice President 1985 & 1986
B. Served for 8 years as member of the Colorado Bar Examiners.
C. Served for 8 years as Chairman of Board of Continuing Legal Education.
D. Served as Chairman of Waterman Fund which assists attorneys in need.
E. Appointed by Supreme Court to serve on Vision 2002 committee
F. Honored by Colorado Bar Association as one of Colorado Legal Legends in 2012

A. Appointed by Governor Lamm as State District Judge
B. Served until 1986

A. Small Business Advisory Council of the Small Business Administration
B. Admitted to practice in Federal Court 1957
C. Inter-American Bar Association 1962
D. Appointed by Judge William Doyle to Community Education Council to supervise Denver schools integration program

A. Appointed by Governor Stephen McNichols to State Anti-Discrimination Commission 1962
B. Appointed by Mayor Tom Currigan to Civilian Review Board of Police Department 1962
C. Appointed by Mayor Federico Pena to Denver Civil Service Commission
D. Served as Chairman of the Denver Commission of Community Relations
E. Appointed by Governor Vanderhoof to the Colorado Olympic Committee.
E Appointed by Mayor Webb as one of 3 member to investigate SPY FILES
G. Member of Governor Commission on Child Support.

A. Elected and served as Chairman of the United Latin American Organization 1958
B. Chairman and founder of the Marlee-Garfield Improvement Association 1959
C. Founder of LARASA, Latin American Research & Service Agency
D. President of Latin American Educational Foundation 1960
E. One of the Founders and Board Officer of MALDEF Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
E One of the Founders and member of the board of the Hispanic Bar.
G. Board member of the Denver YMCA
H. Board member of the Denver Art Museum
I. Board Member of Rose Medical Hospital
J. Board Member of Girls Club, Inc.
K. Board member of the West Side Action Council
L. Board Member of Southwest Youth Services Board
M. Member of Committee on Denver Equality Education Committee
N. Member and one of the Founders of the Twenty and One dub
0. Member of GI Forum
P. Board member of the Denver Athletic Club

A. First Recipient of the Lifetime Award of the Hispanic Bar
B. First recipient of the DALE TOOLEY AWARD.
C. Second recipient of the HISPANIC ANNUAL SALUTE LIFETIME AWARD. 1983
D. Fourth Honoree of the HISPANIC LEAGUE'S Legislators Recognition Award 1994
E. CESAR CHAVEZ Leader Hall of Fame Award
F. SOL TRUJILLO LAEF National Lifetime Leadership award.
G. Colorado Chicano Distinguished Award 1981
H. Testimonial Dinner Award 1977
I. Rose Medical Center Award 1980
J. National Judicial College Certificate
K. Dental Professionals Award 1967
L. Adopt-a-School Award
M. Hep C. Connection Education Award 2004
N. Colorado Democratic Party award 1999

A. Won over 40 trophies & ribbons as a runner in his age groups, usually as the oldest runner for the group
B. Competed in over 5 marathons after age 55
C. Ran Mount Evans and Pikes Peak races at age 60
D. Squash player. Doubles Partner with Hashim K.




Funeral Service
University of Denver, Newman Center
2344 East Iliff Avenue
Denver, CO 80210
Saturday, September 30, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
University of Denver, Newman Center
2344 East Iliff Avenue
Denver, CO 80210
Saturday, September 30, 2017
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
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Fort Logan National Cemetery - Area C
4400 W Kenyon Ave
Denver, 80236
Monday, October 2, 2017
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM