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The Power of a Viewing Before Cremation

Gathering With Loved Ones to Say Goodbye

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Honoring a loved one's final wishes to be cremated does not have to mean forgoing a funeral or private viewing. Quite the opposite: We encourage all families to gather to celebrate and remember a life, no matter what option they choose for laying their loved one to rest.

Grief is best shouldered together, and viewing the deceased one last time is a powerful step toward healing. Without this sense of closure, it can be difficult to accept the loss as real and move beyond it into a future without the deceased.

A Celebration of Life

Traditional funerals are an opportunity for a community to come together to celebrate the life of the departed. They are a time of mourning but also a time to share stories, hugs, laughter, and love. A funeral or memorial service can bring together friends and family members who may not have seen each other for a long time.

A public visitation allows anyone who wishes to see, touch, and pay final respects to the departed. Everyone deserves an opportunity to say goodbye. This in-person farewell helps to provide closure. Sometimes a loss does not feel real, but seeing a loved one at peace can ease this sense of unreality. Having the deceased present at the celebration of their own life also brings the story full circle; their legacy is honored by bringing loved ones together.

Cremation without a funeral 

Of course, there are times when a traditional funeral is impractical or not wanted. This does not mean you have to forgo a viewing or visitation altogether.

If your loved one requested not to have a funeral or if the memorial must be delayed for practical reasons, a private viewing offers comfort and closure before the cremation. The closest loved ones of the deceased can gather privately for an intimate goodbye and support one another through grief.

Arranging to see the deceased before cremation helps with processing the loss and beginning the healing process. It gives you time to say goodbye in a peaceful, discreet setting and choose which loved ones are with you to share this moment.

Deciding what to do after a loved one passes can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Horan & McConaty has been helping the families of Denver to grieve and celebrate the lives of the people they love for generations, and we’re here for you whenever you need us. Call us at 1-303-745-4418 to learn more about our cremation and funeral services.

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