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Over one hundred years ago, Horan & McConaty opened our doors at the crossroads of Speer and Federal in Denver, Colorado. It was a time when neighbors were like family and they came together to share in both the celebrations and heartaches of life's milestones. Today, a lot has changed. Our city is bigger, our buildings are taller, and our traffic thicker. We've opened more doors in more neighborhoods, and helped multiple generations of families from near and far close doors of their own. Despite all this change, one thing about our city has remained the same: It's not really a city. It's a community.

In a community, we all have a seat at the table. We each have a role to play, because we rely on one another - lending a hand when help is needed and a shoulder when burdens become too great to carry alone. Sure, there are a lot more of us than there used to be, and more strange faces than familiar. But when you leave Denver, you never really leave. Because it is more than the buildings and streets and mountains. It's the people. And never is it more evident than when one of our own dies.

Death has a harsh yet poetic way of slicing through the cacophony of life and all its transformations, reminding us of the real connections we have. Death pulls you close again and allows you to create intimate and beautiful moments. No matter how far you've traveled or how long it's been since you've set foot within its borders, the people of Denver will gather to share in the sadness and the joy of remembering. And Horan & McConaty will be there to guide and support you during these moments. Because this is our community. And it's our role to take care of the families who live here.

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