Jose "Joe" Zapata

Jose "Joe" Zapata

Highlands Ranch, CO

To those who knew him, and to those who didn't but wished they did: on October 12th, 2023, the world lost a bit of its sparkle. Joe, hung up his ski boots, parked his motorcycle, and set his plane on permanent autopilot at the age of 61. And what an unforgettable journey it was.

Joe was a tech wizard by day and a rock-n-roll soul by night. He’d dive deep into the world of computer engineering, then plunge even deeper into the sea to catch that elusive big fish. But oh, how he loved getting his hands dirty with a big pile of crawfish! I can't tell you how many times we laughed, sharing stories and peeling those spicy little critters.

Music was his first love. The rhythm of life had him dancing to its beats, from the swishing sound of skis on fresh snow to the roar of a motorcycle engine. He taught us to find joy in the little things, to revel in the flavor of life, and to never, ever shy away from an adventure. Or from a good challenge, for that matter.

Now, Joe would never want us to be sad. Tears? He'd say they're just liquid joy we couldn’t hold in. So here’s how we can all pay our respects, Zapata style: Pour yourself a shot of tequila, raise it high, and toast to a life lived fully, a heart loved deeply, and a spirit that's now soaring even higher.

And then, go do something he loved. Sing at the top of your lungs, ride that motorcycle, dig into some juicy crawfish, or just spend time with those you cherish. After all, it's what he would have done. To the memories, adventures, and all the flavorful moments – here's to you, Joe!


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