Meet John and Valerie Horan

The Horan family came to Denver with hopes and dreams and a team of  horses. Learn more about how they made their dreams come true and have become Colorado's most preferred funeral and cremation provider.

Important Facts About Colorado

Did you realize Colorado is the least regulated state in the United States and anyone can hold themselves out to do this work without training or experience? John Horan, President/CEO offers an important review of the standards in Colorado.

What Make Us Unique?

Funeral and Cremation Services are provided by Horan and McConaty. We are the most preferred family owned funeral and cremation provider in Colorado.

Attention To Detail

Horan & McConaty is a one-of-a-kind funeral and cremation provider. We specialize in providing first-class services and compassionate care to Denver area families.

Cremation Information

If you are considering cremation, please watch this video by Daren Forbes, COO. Cremation services are not the same for all firms in Colorado. Find out about our cremation with integrity process.

Our Signature Services

We specialize in providing first-class services and compassionate care to Denver area families.
Learn about our funeral and cremation services and options.

When Death Occurs

We are here to help if you have lost a loved one, please accept our condolences.
This video will provide you with more information on what happens next and provides you with an understanding of the compassionate care you will receive from our staff.

Please call us at 800-471-4418.

Distinguished Veteran Services

We work closely with Ft. Logan National Cemetery, to learn more about veterans services view the video message from John Horan President/CEO

Why Pre-plan?

Important information on why planning a funeral, burial or cremation service is important.

Please call us at 800-471-4418 to speak with an advisor.

Five Important Tips

Planning ahead is important, but you should know some of the common pitfalls to avoid when planning or choosing a provider. Tom Folkert, VP of Advance Planning, shares five tips for families.