Sue McCreary's Story

Sue McCreary’s husband was a Navy Diver and a Denver Police Detective. She shares how they met on a blind date and how much easier the funeral process is when plans are made in advance.

Cheri Coley's Story

As a Denver area hospice nurse Cheri Coley has helped many families prepare for the passing of a loved one. Nothing could prepare her for her own personal journey. She shares her experience in creating a life celebration that brought her peace after the sudden loss of her son Jacob.

Megan Cavanagh and Heather Luehrs

Megan Cavanagh and Heather Luehrs share the story of their father and how making plans with him turned out to be a very positive experience. They share their journey to creating a meaningful service by talking together in advance.

Rev. Canon Bert and Joan Womack

The Rev. Canon Bert Womack has led many services for families and knows what’s important when the time comes. He was also a Navy corpsman during the Korean War and is now a Chaplain to the 1st Marine Division. Bert and his wife Joan share their perspectives from their extensive experience.

Frances Owen's Story

Frances Owens knows how important it is to plan ahead. See why she chose Horan & McConaty to help her lock in today’s prices and remove the burden from her children’s shoulders. Follow along as she walks through the process of planning and shares her perspective on the selections she made.

Jim Lockard's Story

As an Air Force Casualty Officer, Jim provided guidance and assistance to families of deceased soldiers from the time of casualty reporting until everything was completed for the next of kin. He shares his advice for what veterans can do to be prepared.