Our Standards of Excellence

The following services are offered to every family at no cost when we are involved in the funeral or memorial service.

online-obituary.jpgOnline Obituary

Our website offers families the ability to post service information and a life story of the deceased online. This service allows friends and relatives to write online condolences, reflections, and messages to the family.

DVD Tribute 

dvd-tribute.jpgThis type of commemoration is especially meaningful and does much to help family and friends appreciate the life that has been lived. The family provides up to 20 photos of their loved one, which are then crafted into a DVD presentation accompanied by music. This 3 to 5 minute DVD uses light, sound, music, and motion to create a powerful, loving tribute that tells the story of a life and imparts loving impressions of their loved one. This can be shown at visitations, at the service itself or simply as a keepsake. Multiple copies and customized tributes are available at an additional cost. 


The In Loving Memory Box is a keepsake that give families a place to keep memories that are collected at a memorial gathering.  These memories will be a coping tool for grieving loved ones and a legacy piece for future generations.  We feel so strongly about the power of sharing and collecting memories that we facilitate this keepsake into every service we are involved at no charge.  

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Our Guarantee

Our fair prices represent the greatest value in the area.
Our staff is kind, considerate and knowledgeable.
Our facilities are modern and immaculate.
If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service,
we will reduce or eliminate our ceremony charge.