Homeless and Indigent Veterans Program

We believe the men and women who have served in the military and protected our freedoms have the right to be laid to rest with honor.


Therefore, we provide veteran burials* for eligible homeless and indigent veterans who have no family to claim them. This ensures they are receiving the respect their military service deserves.

When applicable, we have approached High School students who are honored to act as pallbearers for these veterans to pay their respects and carry the veteran to their final resting place.

My co-workers and I are honored to provide this service to those who have sacrificed so much and are left with so little at the end of their life. Contact us to learn more at 303-745-4418.


John Horan, CEO/President

* In combination with the Veterans Administration and Ft. Logan National Cemetery, the following are provided at no charge to any survivors: transportation from the place of death, completion of the death certificate and procurement of the burial permit, preparation of the deceased, hearse transportation to the cemetery, silver metal casket, coordination of the funeral service, opening and closing of the grave site, a concrete grave liner, a headstone or marker, a graveside ceremony, a memorial U.S. Flag, a Presidential Memorial Certificate, and gravesite at Ft. Logan National Cemetery.