John Horan
Jennifer McBride
Vice President
Daren Forbes
Vice President/COO

We believe the most valuable thing we own cannot be seen or touched - it is the goodwill of people we have served and their recommendation of us to family and friends. That's why we have become Colorado's most preferred family-owned funeral and cremation provider.

We hold ourselves and our staff to the highest standards of excellence. We are the experts you need and the ones you can trust to help you and your loved ones through planning a final farewell.

We guarantee if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we will remove that charge. You have lived life well, when it comes to a final goodbye we ensure you leave well, too.

~ Mission Statement ~

Horan & McConaty exists to ease the journey of those coping with the end of a life, with unsurpassed levels of compassion and professionalism. We facilitate services that provide comfort, meaning and honor life.

~ Vision ~

At the heart of Horan & McConaty is our vision… to be the company most respected for our superior staff, our ethics, our world-class facilities, and commitment to people who are grieving.